7 August - A variety of ideas are still being explored without a specific direction

Updates on the decoding process: a variety of ideas are still being explored without a specific direction. Some of the interesting experiments include more physical representations of the message through paper maquettes. The community questions if the message resembles a riddle. Humour glimpses into the chat.

Rock Howard — 04/08/2023 00:42
I just read that honey bees have 5 eyes. Does combining the image stereographically from the point of view of a 5 eyed alien make any sense?
Linko — 04/08/2023 20:00
the Starmap as a place
impla007 — 04/08/2023 22:25
Can you share a fbx for this ? It can be usefull for everybody in the github

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1112472708471603221/1136791141275156551

@Doug Arterburn 
This looks interesting. But is impossible to understand anything from that small image.
Can you make a larger screenshot?
impla007 — 04/08/2023 01:35
I tried already but with a regular pentagon very few poins align
Only 2 set of points of the clusters are aligned on a regular pentagon
impla007 — 04/08/2023 01:44

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1136800894093119508

impla007 — 04/08/2023 01:44
Only light blue with opposite purple can be aligned
Doug Arterburn — 04/08/2023 01:45
Anyone can use the .bin to create their own visual. Here is a larger visual.

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1136806883747958824

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1136321600258580551

Hugo Barbier — 02/08/2023 13:35
Sure. What I mean is that I think the message can't be a riddle.
xenoisx — 02/08/2023 13:36
i too believe that this is not a deciphering challenge, but at some point the line between riddle and decoding becomes blurred when we have so little frame reference
Hugo Barbier — 02/08/2023 13:37
xenoisx — 02/08/2023 13:37
SOS could also be a riddle to someone with no english knowdglege but an english dictonary 
Hugo Barbier — 02/08/2023 13:38
Yes, but it would be the compressed version of the true message.
m3rc — 02/08/2023 13:38
maybe the joint effort will be something like folding@home, where it requires many personal computers to run simulations to find a message instead of a protein

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1136261009250721894

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1136980653372620840


1 August - Some decoders are taking the message into physical forms
9 August - More 3 D forms are explored