4 December 2023 - Some new decoders have joined, some have left

As the decoding continues, it has become increasingly challenging summarising the various ideas created around the message by the Discord community over the past seven months. Some new decoders have joined, some have left, some are taking a pause, some are producing new ideas and visualisation efforts. Several Discord users have been especially active in the decoding effort: Impla007 has been generating many fascinating visuals experimenting with symmetrical shapes and various spatial orientations of the binary code. Humisevat Kunnaat has been creating various experimental sonification of the message; Luna started planning a Human Message to communicate with a potential extraterrestrial civilisation, combining both the collective and individual perspectives.

Q: Is there a requested or a preferred approach/methodology/line of thinking?

A: No. 
The only required approach is that the message had the characteristics described above. The effort is shared, but I don't believe it has to be devoid of a personal approach. Various topics discussed in this thread have been and are the subject of study in humanities and scientific disciplines. 

It would, therefore, be logical to propose the current state of the art (which is not exactly unambiguous) of the current knowledge on human biology, ethology, and forms of communication as a preferred approach.However, the message must be ideally representative and shared by an entire species. And humans are not a collective species but a social species composed of groups of interdependent individuals. 

This very condition of "individuals" forming a social group leads me to think that an honest attempt to produce a collective message cannot emerge - even if it seems counterintuitive - without (also) a personal reflection. 
Luna — Yesterday at 18:27
Q: Being this both  a personal and shared effort, what's your personal "line of attack" to this problem, Luna?

A: Attempting to summarize the bio-behavioral characteristics of humanity based on my sensitivity and the humanistic and scientific knowledge available to me on the subject. 
My hope is to identify a reasonably solid species-level pattern (unlikely... let say more likely "a ripple mark on the sand".. a "sign" on the environment being human distinctive) that can simplify both the decision to send a message, first of all,  and - if yes - the elaboration of the form and the content of this message. 
Q: Why did you start this project?

A: Cause all the attempts to decode the simulated alien message seem to me showing a lot of uncertainty about what kind of message an alien species could send. And I think this uncertainty is directly connected with our difficulty (if not impossibility) to communicate in an unitary way at species level.

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1168865000136396891/1181283495105015960

Content by Impla007/Georges Attard

Content by Impla007/Georges Attard

Content by Impla007/Georges Attard


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