16 October - Studying the European standards for satellite transmissions

The Discord community has been studying the European standards for satellite transmissions and has applied this new knowledge to the decoding of the message. New theories around the structure of the message emerge.
Discord user Luna claims there is no single solution to the message as data can be interpreted in many different ways; Lokie imagines how a cat would interpret the message and writes a short science fiction story inspired by the decoding process; Impla007 projects the "Star Map" onto spherical coordinates system.

Luna — 15/10/2023 17:01
Coming back to our message.. about the third issue... manipulation of data... This is the square entity going further with that simple rule. So the 2x2 square entities are arranged like 2x2 entities super-squares. And super-squares are then put (on the right in the picture) in the 3x3 square arrangment hint by 53+28 in the header and the triplet 5-5-5.
True? False? Give yourself some time and you will be able to craft a rule for that big square and make entities like signs. Coherent signs. Because this is issue every time we go further with rules. There isn't a single way to interpret a stream of data. If they think there was only one solution for this message, they are wrong. 
Luna — 15/10/2023 17:10
I repeat myself: I hate a bit this message 😄

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1163129554290876486

impla007 — 16/10/2023 08:42
Starmap in spherical coordinate system
Instead of x,y Cartesian coordinates , we have alpha, delta angle projecting the point on the sphere surface . Distance between point is not a line 
xenoisx — 16/10/2023 09:15
If you project an image in 2d that should be projected in spherical plane, you would see arches all over the data and would

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1163366309262807051

Humisevat Kunnaat — 15/10/2023 17:35
This has been bugging me for a while now. Why is the data piled up logarithmically largely by bitness. The graph shows data17.bin read as uint 16 bits and logarithmized with log10. The same phenomenon can also be seen in 8-bit, where the stacks come in eight different lines.
Albert Fetscher — 15/10/2023 17:53
Why log10 and not log2 or logE?

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1163138104337641502

OGIANF — 14/10/2023 19:13
@impla007 @Sparta | Phrenic @xenoisx @Albert Fetscher 
I totally agree with @impla007  that we need to add information to the data, expand it in terms of information.
I'll repeat again what Daniela said during an interview.
She said that they had the actual Message ready, when, almost at the last moment, they decided to add a "Mathematical Touch" that would make it in some way more "Universal" (i.e. less bound to "human" standards) but, at the same time "much harder to decode".

Based on these affirmations I think we should, first of all , work on the whole data17.bin and find some Mathematical expression, some Math Function that, by "elaborating" the Data we have now, gives us a new Output , new Data that , hopefully, will be the final version of the Message that we could finally "interpret" without any other technical skill.

With @impla007 , working on 0s and 1s Sequences Lengths, we already made such an attempt.
George elaborated a Function which he used to extract New (Decimal) Data from Sequences Lengths.
Then I had the idea of converting all those Decimal numbers back to binary strings and then "merge" all those binary strings together in order to form a more reduced "starmap"
Well, something noticeable came out of it. Here it is.

If you look carefully you can even recognize the word "Poet" in it.
Now, I don't think this is the solution to our riddle, but I want to point something out.

This was the first time that we could elaborate our Data17 and obtain some well organized structure in which we could even see something we recognize.
Finally a structure that makes sense. I think this is the right way.
As @impla007 did , we need to find a math function that "calculates" New Data for us.
And in the next few Messages I'll show you some search I have made in that direction. 

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1162800304878784632

OGIANF — 14/10/2023 19:30
So I think we should start working on this concept and try to find the Math Function that can "unlock" the "real data" for us.
Waiting to hear your comments. 😃
Iokie — 14/10/2023 19:33
My cats interpretation of the message.
1680 is the minimum number of pets per day.
Between 68 and 136 pets should be done on a side before switching sides.
Petting should last between 40 and 65 minutes per petting session.
The 5 signs is how to pet pet your cat.
The footer -> meow.
The message was sent by our cat overlords. 
Iokie — 14/10/2023 19:34
I think @Albert Fetscher has also been looking at that. 
OGIANF — 14/10/2023 19:40
I have now included mentions @Albert Fetscher  in my messages. I would be very happy to hear his comments 😃
Sparta | Phrenic — 14/10/2023 22:11
Sorry for my dumb question. Creating my own mathematical functions is not a strength of mine! What in the function is "e"?

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1162804587284148425

OGIANF — 04/10/2023 20:49
I don't know How did you register. It asks me which Company I work for.
I have no intention to lie saying that I work for some Space Agency. 🙄
Iokie — 04/10/2023 21:03
You can specify 'other' under agency, along with specifying 'self' or 'other' as company. 
I think there are 2 places that it asks about agency.  You may have to scroll, the 'other' selection is at the end of the lists 
OGIANF — 04/10/2023 21:27
Thanks @Iokie. I was able to download it too 😃 
It' so different from the previous Version
Iokie — 08/10/2023 10:38
Does this sound about right? 
Iokie — 08/10/2023 11:07
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Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111372626527539230/1159210094479806505


Your Signs in Space - vol. 10
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