25 July - Creating a performance within the current performance

Members of the Discord community suggest creating a performance within the current performance, inspired by the decoding process. New treads emerge, exploring sonification possibilities of the message, analysing the header and footer and more. Another member of the community suggests creating a Wiki to structure all ideas and hypotheses presented so far. The interpretation-chat now exceeds 10,000 posts and it is becoming increasingly challenging to summarise all ideas and meanings created around the message. Many hours have been spent on the decoding process...

Humisevat Kunnaat — Yesterday at 22:34
Personally, I do not use MIDI, I make sounds by coding. This is easier to produce clean sounds. And the scale can be pentatonic or anything. A sound processing program, such as Audactity, can make harmonic frequencies if necessary.
Ken Chaffin#7327 — Yesterday at 22:38
I see that there are approximately 195 countries worldwide.  We have enough points to possible have a song of 100-400 notes per country, depending one what the encoding is if we find it.  Of course, some countries that existed when ET received our radio signals don't exist but some additional ones do.  It is a fun though of how to engage the world cross-culturally in identifying songs, assuming we find any.  I'm really struggling to understand how we all can act collectively or connectively.
Ken Chaffin#7327 — Yesterday at 22:41
Absolutely, but we usually sample or synthesize electronic music at about 44.1kHz.  At that rate we would only have enough points for 1 second of audio.  If frequency is there, I feel it has to be as ratios of integers or their floating point equivalent such as via (8 bit) EBCDIC or (6 bit)BCD. 
Humisevat Kunnaat — Yesterday at 22:45
Music has to be made in a different way. So not directly by converting data into sound. One data point represents one note, its length and intensity, not just one small 1/44100th of a second.
Ken Chaffin#7327 — Yesterday at 22:49
I agree, although we could have pitch and volume and even duration encoded in a longer byte or word, rather than bits.  We wouldn't have as much room for longer or as many songs, but we would still probably have plenty.  Depends on what we find😉 
I can imagine different data encoded by whether the bit row and col are odd or even parity.

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1133136149888639016

GreenMonkey2023 — Today at 03:54
I wonder how many individual hours some people have spent on the project and how many total hours collectively have been spent?
There are times I’m 200 messages behind when i get off work or wake up in the morning as there is a day shift, a night shift and a morning shift of workers, all over the world, a constant signs factoring factory
Ken Chaffin#7327 — Today at 04:06
Has anyone tried connecting each point to it's nearest neighbor with a line?  Perhaps just the point cluster and then the 2x2's separately.  Every time I look at this clique, my mind tries to connect the dots.  They seem to create an outline of a type, sort of like a coloring book. 
m3rc — Today at 04:06
dancing mouse
Ken Chaffin#7327 — Today at 04:07
dancing bee

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1133215747389259796

Albert Fetscher — Today at 06:53
Given how complicated it was to generate the data17.bin file from the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) recording, see file "A_Sign_in_Space-GBT.sigmf-data", and only a few experts with the necessary expertise and tools could do it.
If the next step, i.e. from the present file "data17.bin" to "at the moment I have no idea what that could be", is also so complicated and demanding, it can still take a very long time before the message or the "sign in space" is decrypted.
Anyway, I'm really excited to see what's going to come out.
NiceTry — Today at 07:02
Yeah, that was amazing work from what I read.
So if we lack the required expertise, and this place becomes less busy, should we actively reach out to people with certain skillsets to ask them to have a look ?
Iokie — Today at 07:29
Interesting result from simple folding of header.  Look in folding and cutting thread, ⁠Cutting and folding⁠ 
The header maybe a folding instruction
OGIANF — Today at 08:31
If we start from the previous image ⁠interpretation-chat

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1133260771426582582


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