Giacomo Miceli

Giacomo Miceli is an artist, entrepreneur and computer scientist.
Holding a degree from Sapienza University and a specialization in AI
from Stanford University, Giacomo has always been passionate about the
intersection of technology, creativity, and the limits of the human
experience. As a polyglot who lived in many countries, his love for
languages and cultures has influenced his artistic endeavors.

Giacomo's career is a unique blend of artistic pursuits and startup
ventures, having participated in two startup incubators and navigating
the often chaotic and competitive environment of the "startup circus."
As a new media artist, his work investigates themes of journey,
transformation, and meaning through visual exploration and semantic
amazement. Giacomo's creations are a testament to his affinity for ideas
that eschew the latest trends and his dedication to exploring the depth
of artistic expression.

Giacomo's latest project, "The Infinite Conversation," has captured the
attention of audiences worldwide and gained widespread recognition due
to its thought-provoking concept. Featuring a never-ending generated
conversation between two chatbots representing Werner Herzog and Slavoj
Žižek, the project raises awareness about the potentially dangerous
implications of such technology.

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