5 June - Six diverse approaches

Participants are utilizing various approaches to analyze and decipher the message, examining its possible significance in terms of music, spatial representations, and binary sequences.

Efforts have been made to demodulate the message and recover its digital data. Participants have been discussing the implications of various byte sizes and their potential significance, noting that patterns within the data may be relevant. Some are working with raw data, while others are considering potential visual and auditory interpretations. Conversations are ongoing, with a range of theories and perspectives being explored.

Participants involved in decoding and interpreting the message are pursuing diverse approaches:

1. Musical interpretation: Some participants speculate that the message might convey information through musical representation or mathematical correlations between musical notes. They discuss the possibility of converting sequences from the data into pitches or frequencies, exploring potential relationships between these values and their potential meaning.

2. Spatial representation: One participant suggests creating a 3D chart of the message based on the assumption that distances between the stars can be represented as ratios. They believe that a 3D chart could help identify the position of the sender within the galaxy relative to other stars.

3. Sequence length analysis: Another participant focuses on analyzing the lengths of sequences of 0s and 1s within the message, searching for patterns or recognizable structures.

4. Examining patterns in binary sequences: Several discussions revolve around the possibility of decoding the message by considering different byte sizes and examining patterns within the data that may appear to have meaning. Participants experiment with different byte groupings and their potential significance.

5. Using existing data protocols: Some participants explore existing protocols, such as the CAN bus and UDS requests, to find possible correlations with the message data.

6. Fast Fourier Transform: There have been attempts to apply Fast Fourier Transform on the message to extract underlying patterns or structures.

These approaches indicate that participants in the project come from varied backgrounds and bring their unique perspectives to the table. They continue to collaborate and explore different theories and interpretations to uncover potential meanings within the message.

HaileyStorm — Today at 18:49
Pardon the intrusion, but I just made this thread which I think has promise, based on 0/1 sequence lengths: ⁠Sequence Lengths
Normand — Today at 18:50
I am lost here too, but there is no rule that a byte must have 8 bits. I agree with 2^N, but why not 16 or 32?
Bobanaut — Today at 18:51
i didn't say that, i said the structure indicated neither 8, 16 or any 2^N other than N= 0

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1115321625664045056

Humisevat Kunnaat — Today at 19:43
I thought the data was a time series, so I opened the file (Green Bank Telescope) in Audacity as a 16-bit raw file. In Audacity, I noticed that the waveform of the data looks mostly like noise. Anyway, I opened it as a spectrogram in Audacity and it looks just like the X-Files logo. 
Nicki — Today at 22:03
Automatic picture transmission

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1112472708471603221/1115335161853259887

Bobanaut — Today at 16:53
so yeah. i still think this could work but it is not as simple as i tried... image just to visualize how i tried to match the first 3 clouds to align dots in them... i could not align it though... oh well 
🇩🇲 ⚧ Dual Vector Foil (she/her) — Today at 16:53
This is where I'd say cosmic sociology comes into play at the risk of sounding tongue in cheek. I do think that they'd only want certain others understanding the message. But that isn't something that is to be first priority and more of an afterthought

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1112472708471603221/1115292402723332118

DareDevil — Today at 15:21
hi, im sure someone must've spotted this, that when you write the header as 16x5, the first row is 16 ON, the rest are all exactly 4 ON with the last 2 being identical?
BatchDrake (EA1IYR) — Today at 15:23
Yep. Because of the FF FF and the  88448844
OGIANF — Today at 15:28
@Sparta | Phrenic Then what I should do in the Excel , is copy the first row and past it transposed (vertical)  in the first row . And so on. Correct?
Sorry, paste it in the first column
Sparta | Phrenic — Today at 15:51
Yes exactly. Transposing is the word I was looking for

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1113883543140044851/1115269136348626944

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