3 June - The number of threads about different interpretations of the message keeps growing

The number of threads about different interpretations of the message keeps growing. Ideas get mixed as connections appear between topics that were independent at first. Conversations get tangled. It is even a bit difficult to keep track of everything that is happening at once.

A new idea that has appeared today is the prevalence of the number 5 in the message. The representation of the message "body" as the "starmap" has 5 clusters of dots, and the footer contains the sequence of bits 111110000011111.

DareDevil — Yesterday at 14:30
Yes. A lot of patterns have been identified. Check out ⁠44 88 44 88
But nothing endgame yet
BatchDrake (EA1IYR) — Yesterday at 14:33
The thing is, that bit pattern is extremely interesting
Those 4 bytes in the beginning
Always couples of bits that, if you add up, do not overlap and add up to 0xff
Also, in the end, that mysterious sequence, 11111 00000 11111
It is like number 5 is important somehow
OGIANF — Yesterday at 14:34
@BatchDrake (EA1IYR) By using my Excel Map  (that comes with "coordinates" and allows some basic measurement) I'm more incline to think at the "costellations" of points as some separate "Signs in Space". So there are 5 of them. Now, by measuring, over my Map,  I discovered that on 4 of them there are 7 2x2 squares  that match exactly with the relative "distances" among them, while on the 5th one only 6 of these squares match the exact relative distances.
I'm preparing an actualized version of my Map adding a "zoomed" detail of the 5 Signs to show evidence of what I just said. From there, probably a totally new line of investigation.
BatchDrake (EA1IYR) — Yesterday at 14:34
Maybe some kind of race of space urchin overlords?

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1114532227284484186

Some participants are linking the number 5 to the short story A Sign in Space by Italo Calvino, from which the name of this project is taken.
In that story, 5 signs appear at some point. There have been even some attempts to give descriptive names to the 5 cluster in the "starmap": a star, a hummingbird, a mouse, something shapeless, and a very spiky star.

OGIANF — Yesterday at 15:56
OK. So I will just put some short information now so that @BatchDrake (EA1IYR) can open a new Thread for this new line of investigation.
I'll add much more material and explanations later.
So .....
Italo Calvino (which by the way was born in 1923) wrote a collection of novels whose title is "Le Cosmicomiche". In this collection there is a novel called "Un Segno nello Spazio" (which inspired Daniela De Paulis in startint this same Project that has the same name). Here there is a short summary in English:
A Sign in Space Summary
The sun's trip around the Milky Way takes about two hundred million years.
Qfwfq leaves the first sign ever created to find the same point next time.
After 3 Galactic Years finally he was back at the same point, only to discover his Sign had been erased and that there were other Signs around, similar to his (made by a competitor, a certain Kgwgk).
At one point Qfwfq realizes that, after some time, the "erasures" were fading away giving place to the original Signs.
So he waits impatiently to pass again by the same point in order to find again his own first Sign, only to discover that, now, there were 5 Signs and he couldn't understand which one was his.

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1114553195214143561

Another new idea is that the message could be the coordinates to a vast intergalactic library of universal knowledge.

kate — Yesterday at 21:24
Maybe ur true
So coordinates are only the to communicate with us
As information we have it's from the Mars
Not exactly though
dnova.tchev — Yesterday at 21:28
When one focuses on the possible meaning of the message, the most likely one is the coordinates of some universal store of "knowledge" where we can find treasure of information and to which we can contribute ourselves.

Because of the long distances and shorter lifespans (at least for the biological spicies), more direct and interactive communication is unrealistic 
Intergalactic Knowledge Library
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1h ago
kate — Yesterday at 21:29
Why don't we try to match earth coordinates and Mars coordinates
dnova.tchev — Yesterday at 21:31
Like an "intergalactic library" 🙂

Wouldn't this be the most valuable resource in the Galaxy?

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1114636638660853840

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