30 of May - Conversation still revolves around the "star-map"

A large part of the conversation still revolves around the "star-map".
Could it be pulsars? Active galactic nuclei? Molecular clouds? Maybe it is related to TGO's star tracker? These are cameras on the spacecraft
that look at the stars to find how the spacecraft is oriented. In parallel, there are attempts to visualize the same data in a completely
different way.

Also there is talk about whether some checksums could be intended to describe the absorption spectrum of a star or planet. These usually tell us much about their chemical composition.

To sort out the files and code they are producing and the documentation they are using, some participants have assembled a repository in Github. It is very well organized, and it can help others to understand the previous steps in more detail.

Guithub link: https://github.com/BatchDrake/ASignInSpace

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