29 of May - What is this?

The participants continue to analyze the data in the three APIDs ("packet types") which are considered the most likely to contain the message. One of the three APIDs (the one numbered as 0x17) has received the most attention. When arranged in a particular way, some of the data in these packets forms a square image of size 256x256, with dots arranged in some clouds.

What is this? The Pleiades? Another star cluster pointing to the location of the extraterrestrial intelligence? These are some of the ideas considered, but no one is quite sure. This image has been labeled as the best candidate found so far by some participants, but meanwhile the effort continues to explore other parts of the data and to find other possible ways to interpret the APID 0x17 packets.

Link: https://discordapp.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1110258553689739276/1112697484741972039

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