26 June - Main interpretation avenues keep happening

Approximately 300 people on Discord keep discussing various possibilities around the idea of a Star Map, combining both creative interpretations and mathematical language. Scientific ideas merge with philosophical questionings. The main interpretation avenues keep happening in the interpretation-chat and in the 44 subthreads.

NoOneInParticular — Today at 00:16
Well... until we have a final result, I can't say that anything is "ruled out."  I can only make observations/suggestions.  😄
(... most of which will ultimately be incorrect...)
I find the consistency of the argument I made above pleasing... but that just means I like it.
... and not that it is any more "valid" than anyone else's ideas.
Sparta | Phrenic — Today at 00:19
I understand. So we need some homework done in math an being creative.
NoOneInParticular — Today at 00:20
Well, I would argue that "doing math" IS "being creative"... 😀
Sparta | Phrenic — Today at 00:22
Absolutely despite I'm a highly visual person and I can more easily "see" patterns" than proving them mathmatically.
NoOneInParticular — Today at 00:22
... and it will most definitely take all kinds of people to solve this problem!
Sparta | Phrenic — Today at 00:26
You guys know what is crazy. The more I work on solving this the more I have the sense feeling that this all is very similar to how TV is working. I can't explain it's just a feeling.
xenoisx — Today at 00:27
oled tv?

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1122651773686005782

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