5 July - Raising questions

The technical questioning continues raising questions on the possible sensory tools of extraterrestrial beings; on the decoding and interpretation of a cuneiform clay tablet versus that of an alien signal; on the artistic, performative role of all participants in the decoding and interpretation process.

xenoisx — 03/07/2023 21:41
i believe thats the only skill needed to solve this ultimately
Hugo Barbier — 03/07/2023 21:42
That's presuming Aliens think/know we have eyes 😉
I hope so!
xenoisx — 03/07/2023 22:10
an intelligent species without a light receptor? is that even possible
i mean we evolved our eyes very very early on
Mewlip — 03/07/2023 22:22
Sure, why not? If you're needing to be able to observe more than the world immediately around you for intelligence (dubious) then echolocation might also be viable. And a number of species have become blind, so even if sight were required for intelligence to develop for some reason, there's no reason to necessarily expect it to be preserved. And it's not like there's a direct "you're blind therefore you're not intelligent" rule on the individual level. 
xenoisx — 03/07/2023 22:24
but if you compare species who can see and those who dont in the intelligence scale, even by removing us humans, the scale is tipped to those who can detect light
by far

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xenoisx — 03/07/2023 22:45
no atmosphere, direct contact with almost 0 kelvin, pretty harsh environment for the planet itself to survive, let alone life
Janishri — 03/07/2023 22:47
agreed, energy is necessary to be able to have chemical reactions in the first place, endotherm or exotherm.
Mewlip — 03/07/2023 22:47
Surface of the Earth would be about 30-40K if it became a rogue planet due to geothermal energy, which sure, is pretty cold.

But there would be a temperate zone further down.
r/space - What temperature would a rogue planet have?
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And some rogue planets are hot: https://sites.coloradocollege.edu/pc120ml/2013/10/17/rogue-planet/
xenoisx — 03/07/2023 22:49
it would be okay to incubate life i would guess, especially those that survive harsh environments, but to thrive and produce intelligence?
a hard sell
Mewlip — 03/07/2023 22:50
Sure. But not impossible.

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Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1125531100983349248

Hugo Barbier — Yesterday at 02:40
We're supposed to interpret it
Hugo Barbier — Yesterday at 02:56
What I mean is I think the message IS the 256x256 "starmap". We have it in front of us. It's not necessary to try to break the 65536 bits in another way, it would be like breaking a sumerian clay tablet into small pieces, rearranging them, and trying to understand the meaning of it .
The point now is to understand the language used in the starmap.
codewarrior0 — Yesterday at 07:32
But we do break the clay tablet into small pieces. Small units of meaning, "logograms" for cuneiform I think. Or more generally, signs.
Albert Fetscher — Yesterday at 10:45
I asked google translator for the translation of the square image, but unfortunately google translator couldn't translate it.
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Hugo Barbier — Yesterday at 11:25
Sure, but we don't change the order of the signs, or their shape

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danicoshe — Yesterday at 17:25
I'm trying my best not to think in a "human" way. I made a list of assumptions that, for what i have seen, are often taken for granted, but may not be necessarily true: 

1- The message starts from the first bit, not the last
2- The counting of the bits starts from the value 0, not 1
3- The message is specifically directed to us, and it's a "first-contact message"
4- The message is composed of exactly three parts: header, body, footer
5- The header and the footer need to be arranged into squares or rectangles
6- The body has to be altered in order to be understood
7- The header has no meaning by itself, it's just a key to understanding the body
8- The body has to be decoded into an "aesthetically pleasing" image 
xenoisx — Yesterday at 18:30
1- changing bit order doesn't matter as you will get the same results but flipped
2- we have tried both, counting from 0 and 1 but it didn't bring any results, as of now the nothing is converted to numbers
3- thats the only sure thing about this message
4- statiscal analysis shows that thats how the message should be divided, body has dimensions 256x256, thats how you get the 2x2 alignments, and whats left is the header/footer
5- they don't need to be arranged, but alignments happen if you do so
6- the body in itself doesn't have a form to be "altered", but we are trying to find a form for it to show repeating patterns/alignments for it to make sense
7- the header/footer are low on information, therefore it unlikely to hold information as a whole
8- the body has to be decoded in order to make sense based on basic principles that every intelligent being would eventually come to conclusion universally

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Kanamit — Yesterday at 19:45
I will play devil's (alien's 👽) advocate:
What we may have discovered so far is not necessarily the pattern or message intended.
The message may not necessarily start from the beginning or the end.
The message may not be specifically directed to us but was "detected" by us.
The message appears to have a "header", "body" and "footer", but could potentially mean something else.
The message was arranged into squares or rectangles, but perhaps it needs to be arranged in another shape/dimension, perhaps something more unusual or esoteric.
The message needs to be decoded in order to be interpreted.
The "header" could potentially not only be a key but also part of the message itself.
The message may or may not be "aesthetically pleasing", but open to interpretation and may or may not include an image.
Thanks to everyone for their work and participation!🖖
Luna — Yesterday at 21:00
This point ( "The message needs to be decoded in order to be interpreted" ) is questionable in my opinion. Generally, decoding precedes interpretation, but it's not necessarely a linear and sequential process. In the study of ancient cultures, for example, it happened to find writing systems where you don't recognize symbols at all or when they match as symbol with a deciphered language they don't macth as meaning ( I think to minoan writing system, Linear A, that is still undeciphered even if it shares many symbols with the deciphered Linear B). In these situations, decoding and interpretation eventually intersect each other cause they mutually influence each other. In the case of an alien message, "written" by an unknown and different species, this case should be the event more likely.
In the case of this simulation, I still presume they tried to do something more than a decoding puzzle.
Linko — Yesterday at 21:38

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1125844861975797781

Mewlip — Yesterday at 21:48
I think it also adds "it is being taken seriously by space people"
Luna — Yesterday at 21:51
It was explained it was an artistic way (all us, here, we are performers being an artistic project too) to represent the huge effort to decode a real alien stream with unknown communication protocols. 
so not cinic, but meaningful choice
Mewlip — Yesterday at 21:52
If we're on "decoding art", are people aware of the story behind Tracey Emin's bed ["My Bed", 1998]? 

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Luna — Yesterday at 22:36
No, but I read now here ( https://www.widewalls.ch/magazine/tracey-emin-my-bed ). Essentially the performance of Yuan Chai and Jian Jun Xi (jumping on the bed and starting a pillow fights before to being blocked by Tate Gallery security guards) gave the original work a new layer of meanings and get rid, I say, of all the debate if the bed of Tracey Emin was a true or fake representation of her depression. It's an interesting association with this project in my opinion. As performers, we are essentially adding  truth to this simulated message. The effort is true, the commitment is true, the message is true and was true in the same moment - after was sent to Mars, stored in the probe memory and resent on the Earth - we started to work. 
So it's not really important what the message originally was, even if it would be nice to know. 
A real alien message wouldn't be approchead differently. And this is a great result in the end. Despite all, this group is working like a collective and  not like a single specimen. For a species meeting another one wasn't really something I would have taken for granted. 
My two cents. 
How Art Imitates Life in Tracey Emin's Bed | Widewalls
In 1998, Tracey Emin made her best known and controversial work My Bed by exposing her own bed after a depressive episode and an emotional breakdown.
How Art Imitates Life in Tracey Emin's Bed | Widewalls

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