29 June - Some playful suggestions arise

The community on Discord debates whether the message has been completely misunderstood from the start. Suggestions are made to start looking at the raw data from scratch. Some playful suggestions arise: could the message be a recipe for an interstellar omelette?

xenoisx — 26/06/2023 01:49
cellular automata?
should we fill it and see for our self XD
NoOneInParticular — 26/06/2023 01:50
Just give us the ruleset, size of the map, and the boundary conditions... and a machine big enough to run it, of course!
xenoisx — 26/06/2023 01:50
so conclusion, we live in a cellular automata, not simulation
NoOneInParticular — 26/06/2023 01:51
Well... some of them are Turing-complete, so it could STILL be a simulation...
xenoisx — 26/06/2023 01:51
ours doesnt look like it, with all the quantum underterminism 
Sparta | Phrenic — 26/06/2023 01:51
Whereever we are living. I won't accept that we are alone in the vastness of the Universe.
HaileyStorm — 26/06/2023 01:52
If anyone has seen the Wolfram Physics concept, it is in a sense exactly this
NoOneInParticular — 26/06/2023 01:52
Yes, one of the applications of CAs is simulation of physical systems.
HaileyStorm — 26/06/2023 01:53
Some wild stuff comes out. Really impressive stuff
NoOneInParticular — 26/06/2023 01:55
In fact, the Margolus neighborhood block CA I used above came about as a way to simulate physical systems.  (Margolus invented the 'billiard ball simulation' rule set, which involves 180 degree rotations, but not for every 2x2 pattern, unlike the CA I ran above.)
Sparta | Phrenic — 26/06/2023 01:55
I see I have to dig deeper into this CA thing
xenoisx — 26/06/2023 01:56
we arent. There is no magic law on earth that makes us special
Just like i dont doubt that there is gravity on a planet we haven't discovered yet,  i dont doubt physics hasnt manifested itslef into life somewhere else
Sparta | Phrenic — 26/06/2023 01:57
But we couldn't find even bacterial life elsewhere.
xenoisx — 26/06/2023 01:57
where have we searched?
the moon? XD
NoOneInParticular — 26/06/2023 01:57
There is the distinct possibility that other civilizations live outside of the 4D light cone that reaches Earth, however...
xenoisx — 26/06/2023 01:58
HaileyStorm — 26/06/2023 01:58
Assuming the universe is infinite (there is infinite matter), then yeah, 100% chance. Pretty good odds regardless though 😉 But are we talking one every thousand galaxies, or a thousand per galaxy?
NoOneInParticular — 26/06/2023 01:58
... which means we can't encounter them via known physics.
HaileyStorm — 26/06/2023 01:58
There we go again saying the same thing 😛
Just cause it's a guarantee if the universe is infinite, doesn't mean they're in reach 
xenoisx — 26/06/2023 01:59
we wont know that number until we find the rules for creating life in the first place
thats not the fault of the universe
NoOneInParticular — 26/06/2023 02:01
This all is (of course) absolutely fascinating, and I'm happy to take part in the conversation...

... but the signal-to-noise ratio in this thread (regarding the header and footer interpretation) is getting rather low at the moment...

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1117480568641310850/1122674961232961599

HaileyStorm — Yesterday at 06:04
I am 100% on board. Just thought you might appreciate the example of thinking right on the edge of the box, if you will 🙂
Ephemeral — Yesterday at 06:07
You know what, I was thinking that exact thing this morning, after Luna said something about tearing it down to the beginning and starting from scratch, I was wondering about the original transmit frequency, but dismissed it assuming that was a limitation of the carrier satellite - but, maybe I shouldn't have assumed that
Ephemeral — Yesterday at 06:09
I hadn't actually seen that thread, thank you, catching up now.
Kanamit — Yesterday at 06:09
I had briefly tried to search for this before but couldn't find anything. With your background, do you think the method could be part of the solution?  I dk and just putting out ideas.
Ephemeral — Yesterday at 06:15
Absolutely! But I'm biased, being Canadian, we grew up with PSA's on radio and TV about great Canadians, and this one quote from Canadian communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, "The Medium is the Message" permeated the airwaves when I was young. I won't bore you with the intricacies of this quote, but it seemed prescient in this moment, lol.  When presented with a new medium, I always assume it's at least part of the message...

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1122751916179456031/1123463903494549645

xenoisx — Yesterday at 22:22
thats what google search brought up 😛
HaileyStorm — Yesterday at 22:25
not quite what I had in mind but hey, who knows? 😉
xenoisx — Yesterday at 22:34
so the message is a receipt for dragon egg omelet. Nice

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1111404329694400542/1123710011772768377


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