15 July - The theory of the message being a cellular automata is revived

The theory of the message being a cellular automata is revived. A new thread for this theory is started. Could the message be a quest for help from the character in Calvino's novel, in the language of cellular automata?

To make a long story shorter, I think the starmap message is a beginning state for reversible CA that will evolve into a desired final state (a message?) in a given number of steps.  But, the evolution can be engineered to "tell a story", such as Qfwfq's journey's around the galaxy.  Whereas backwards engineering the message is extremely computationally complex, running it forward is trivial.  This would fit in well with some of Daniela's comments.  But, we have to find the CA "rule" that was used to generate the message starting configuration.  Perhaps Wolfram's "Rule 110"?  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_110

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1129012045665280120/1129042404222181457

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1129012045665280120/1129093749453094942

I think the message will turn out to be a process rather than an answer.  Maybe we can help Qfwfq find their sign, but it could be that the original sign is undercoverable, unless we run time backwards.  In that mode, the message would be the some point in time.  If we run the reversible CA backwards in time, we should eventually get to the initial signs, or we may just continue the cycle.
Ken Chaffin#7327 — 13/07/2023 20:36
Switching hats to my artist hat... yesterday while studying the starmap and thinking of its evolution as a CA, I saw a circle dance.  I'm not sure what would be dancing.  My mind sees the flight of a bumblebee in one of the blobs.  Given Daniela's background, this is not out of the question.  Dance sends a message in a non-verbal way, a "body-language" message.  I'm seeing the CA as a palindrome in time, forwards and backwards with a probable cycle such that the dance continues forever, backwards and forwards.  I wonder if we need to set the CA "generations" to the number of years in the "Qfwfq" stories. So far, I've just run the above CA through 1.5 million generations.  Qfwfq said 200 million years for a galaxy cycle.  I could do that in a few days, if my computer doesn't crash.  But, we are a ways from being able to test our hypothesis on cosmic time scales. 
Ken Chaffin#7327 — 13/07/2023 20:46
I just now thought back to my game engine  and 3D modelling and animation days in which I created multidimensional "tileable" images, which are palindromes.  I did 2D images with a 3rd time dimension and the fractal Brownian motion (fBm) "noise" was correlated in time such that I could generate dynamic visual palindromes repeating in 2D.  I often did this as massively parallel GPU code and could do some amazing things such as palindrome cloud sky cover evolving in time.  I do the same thing with my music composition and performance  applications that I have developed over the past 35 years. The same fBm time correlated noise functionality is in both my music and my 3D graphics creations.

Link: https://discord.com/channels/1066055437457297469/1129012045665280120/1129110085843566632